thames - 17/12/19 - Roundup

Coalition sets priorities to ‘transform EU waste policy’

The Prevent Waste Coalition has set out 10 priorities that it says will help ‘transform EU waste policy’.

By releasing these ten priorities to improve and further enforce EU policies on waste prevention, the Prevent Waste Coalition is calling on the new EU institutions to adopt “real, concreate measures that enable the prioritisation and implementation of effective waste prevention measures”.

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Tesco Launches Measure to Map Environmental Impact of Food Production

The environmental impact of some of the UK’s most popular foods will be measured and, for the first time, tracked following the launch today of the Tesco and WWF Sustainable Basket Metric.

The Metric will track the environmental impact of a sample of some of the most regularly purchased foods against key sustainability criteria, including climate change, deforestation and food and packaging waste. Tesco and WWF will run a first full assessment against the metric in early 2020 and publish the results.

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